Alparslan Turkes

Political Leader of Turkish Nationalism

MHP Founding Chairman


Alparslan Türkeş on 25 November 1917 He was born in Nicosia. His father is Ahmet Hamdi Efendi and his mother is Fatimatül Zehra Hanım. Alparslan Turkes; He is originally from Kayseri. His great-grandfather Arif Ağa immigrated to Cyprus from the Yukarı Köşgerli Village of Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri and settled here. He completed his primary and secondary education in Nicosia. They migrated to Turkey as a family from Cyprus, which was under British occupation in those years, and settled in Istanbul.

From Kuleli to the Military Academy

Alparslan Türkeş, who has a great love for the military profession, entered Kuleli Military High School in 1933 and successfully graduated from this high school in 1939 and entered the Military Academy. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1939 and joined the army. He was promoted regularly in the army and passed the academy by passing the war academy exam. After a successful education period, he graduated as a staff officer.

Their Marriage

They married Muzaffer Hanım in 1940 in Isparta.He had two children, Ayyüce and Ahmet Kutalmış, from this marriage.

1944 Nationalism Incident

May 3, 1944… There is a march in Ankara. Intellectuals who have the idea of ​​the survival of the Turkish Nation and State, and the young people who follow them, take their ideological stance against the conspiracy of the conspiracy alliance, which infiltrates the press and university staff and pretends to be the real owner of the republic.

After the march, a group of nationalist intellectuals are arrested. The Turkism-Turanism Case opened by the CHP fascism begins. Nationalists are thrown into coffins and tortured. Young First Lieutenant Alparslan Türkeş is among these intellectuals.

On October 20, 1944, to the Prosecutor, who questioned him on the charge of “treason”, he replied, “Like the other defendants, I have been charged with treason. I strongly reject this. I love my nation and homeland more than anything else on earth.” . However, he was sentenced to 9 months and 10 days in prison by the court and was released because he spent a year in solitary confinement during the trial. His sentence was later overturned by the Military Court of Cassation and he was acquitted in court no.Alparslan Türkeş (in the USA), who became a staff major in 1955, was appointed as a member of the Representative Committee of the Turkish General Staff in the presence of the permanent group in Washington. He continued his duty until the end of 1957. During this time, he attended the University of America and studied International Economics. Returning to Turkey later, Alparslan Türkeş was sent to Germany in 1959 to the Atomic and Nuclear School, where he successfully graduated. Alparslan Türkeş, who speaks fluent French and English, was the representative of the Turkish General Staff in various NATO meetings and military issues in Europe until May 27, 1960.

May 27, 1960 Coup

Alparslan Türkeş, one of the leading figures of the May 27, 1960 Military Coup, thought of this movement as a reform movement that would provide supra-party and national unity. After the intervention, he served as the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry as a member of the National Unity Committee. Between 27 May 1960 and 25 September 1960, when he was in office, he enacted the national and cultural integrity draft law and the State Planning Organization draft law. With some suggestions made by some politicians from the CHP to the members of the National Unity Committee, he and his 13 friends on the National Unity Committee on 13 November 1960. He was expelled from Turkey and imprisoned at Mürtet Air Base, and later, on 19 November 1960, he was sent from Turkey to New Delhi, India, as a government adviser, as a compulsory residence for the CHP supporters to move freely.

Returning to Turkey on February 23, 1963, Alparslan Türkeş, together with his colleagues, establishes an association called “Peace and Yükseliş Association” in order to form a staff and become a party.

The Talat Aydemir Incident

Shortly after, Talat Aydemir was arrested on 21 May 1963 on the allegation that he was involved in the coup attempt, and he spent four months in solitary confinement in the Mamak Military Prison. He is acquitted as a result of the trial. He was released on September 5, 1963.


He became a member of the Republican Peasant Nation Party (CKMP) on March 31, 1964 and served as the Party Inspector General. On August 1, 1965, he was elected as the chairman by the party members at the congress of the CKMP. (8-9) February 1969 At the CKMP congress in Adana, the name of the party was changed to the Nationalist Movement Party with the proposal of Alparsalan Türkeş.


65-69, 69-73, 73-77 and four terms from 1977 to September 12, 1980, he was a member of parliament from Ankara and Adana. He served as deputy prime minister in the 1st and 2nd Nationalist Front governments established after 1975.His long detention due to the case against which he was tried ended with his release on 9 April 1985.


He was detained for four and a half years due to this case. After the political bans were lifted with a referendum on September 6, 1987, Alparslan Türkeş was registered to the MÇP with a ceremony on September 20. He was elected as the General Chairman of the Nationalist Work Party with the extraordinary 2nd Congress held on October 4, 1987.

He was elected as a deputy from Yozgat in the 19th Term Parliamentary elections on September 24, 1991, with the MÇP’s triple alliance with the IDP and RP. On November 15, 1991, he left the alliance with 18 friends and became an independent deputy. He founded the Democratic Action Party on December 25, 1991. The party was closed with the decision of the Founders’ Board, and he was elected as the Chairman of the MÇP at the 3rd Ordinary General Congress of the Nationalist Work Party held on December 29, 1991.

From MÇP to MHP again

With the lifting of the ban on using the names and emblems of political parties that were closed by the September 12, 1980 movement, on 27 December 1992, the delegates of the closed MHP attended. In the congress, the MHP’s authority to use names and emblems was again transferred to the founder Alparslan Türkeş.

Alparslan Türkeş announced his candidacy for the parliamentary seat from Adana in the general elections held on 24 December 1995. In the general elections held on December 24, 1995, the Nationalist Movement Party failed to enter the parliament by falling over the 10% national threshold.

Alparslan Türkeş passed away on April 4, 1997. He is buried in his grave in Ankara Beşevler.


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1.Alparslan Türkeş’s Leadership Secrets
Dr.Arslan Tekin
İstanbul 2000< br/>
How many leaders have left their mark in history? In our multi-party life, Türkeş was at the forefront of the leaders who are known and closely followed in the world, especially in the Turkish world.Distributed nationalists gathered around him and became the determinant of Turkish political life.

As a leader who has experienced revolutions and revolutions, many unknown points of the leadership of Alparslan Türkeş, who preferred the worst democracy to the best revolution, are covered for the first time in this book by Dr. It comes to light from the pen of Arslan Tekin.

2.Alparslan Türkeş, MHP and Bozkurtlar
Events, Documents, Memories
Cemal Anadol
Kamer Yayınları
< br/>



Alparslan Türkeş’s journey from Yukarı Köşkerli village of Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri to Cyprus He was a member of the exiled Koyunoğlu Family. The Koyunoğlu Family, a member of the Avşar tribe, one of the twenty-four Oghuz tribes, came to the Kayseri region with other Avşar tribes in the 18th century. Avşar tribe, like Kınık and Kayı tribes, is known as a tribe that established a state, became a principality and had leadership qualities. When Alparslan Türkeş’s qualifications are considered, it is seen that the Avşar blood in his veins is reflected in his personality and leadership qualities.They could not stay long in Silifke and returned to Pınarbaşı, but this time they were sent to Cyprus.


His father is Tuzlalı Ahmet Hamdi Bey, who is a member of the “Koyunoğlu Family” from the Yukarı Köşkerli village of the Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri, and his mother is Fatma Zehra Hanım, who is a Turkish Cypriot. is . Alparslan Türkeş, who was born on November 25, 1917 in Nicosia, had a special interest in Kayseri, his ancestral land, and was devoted to him with love.


Alparslan Türkeş was born at noon on November 25, 1917, in the house number 13, Kirlizade Street, Haydarpaşa Mahallesi, Nicosia, Cyprus.


Koyunoğlu Family named their newborn son “Ali Arslan”. The name of the boy, who started to be known as Arslan, became “Alparslan” in time. After the surname law, he took the surname “Türkeş”.
The allegations that her real name was Feyzullah were not accepted by her family or herself.


Alparslan Türkeş is the first child of his father Ahmet Hamdi Bey and the fifth child of his mother Fatma Zehra Hanım.

Alparslan Türkeş has five siblings. He has four brothers and a half sister and one sister. Their fathers are the same, but their mothers are different. Because Ahmet Hamdi Bey got married once again to Fatma Zehra Hanım. However, his second marriage did not last long and they divorced.

His half-brothers are named: Mehmet Ragıp, Ahmet Kazım, Ali and Mustafa. Her sister’s name is Dervish. Alparslan Türkeş and his sister Dervişe grew up together. There is two years between them and Dervish.


Alparslan Türkeş went to primary school at Sarayönü Primary School next to Sarayönü Mosque called “iptidai” in Nicosia. made. He was educated with Arabic letters in İptidai, and after primary school he started a secondary school called “rüştüye”.


While Alparslan Türkeş was in the third grade of “rüştiye” secondary school, a teacher named Osman Zeki changed the name of little “arslan” to “alparslan”. His name was “Alparslan” after that day.


Alpaslan Türkeş, who received the first information about Turkish communities from a Turkish Cypriot teacher named Turgut Bey, while he was studying at secondary school (Rüştiye). When he heard that our compatriots were living in captivity, he had the sensitivity of a 14-15-year-old Turkish youth, and his nationalist feelings rose and he adopted the idea that the countries of the Turkic World should gain independence for the first time in these years.He used to say that the Turks would definitely save Cyprus, and that he would become a soldier and liberate the Turkish Cypriots when he grew up.

Our only goal was to expel the British from the Island and gain freedom. Türkeş came to Turkey in such a mood and became an officer.”
Dr.Fikret Alkan
The childhood friend of Alparslan Türkeş


1571 Cyprus, which joined the Ottoman lands in 1878, was temporarily given to the British in 1878. In 1918, the British took Cyprus from the hands of the Ottoman Empire, which was defeated in the First World War. After the administration of Cyprus passed to the British, the Greek population on the island increased and the Turkish population decreased.

The Turks, who could not stand the British rule, were immigrating to their homeland. Alparslan Türkeş’s older brothers, Mehmet Ragıp and Ahmet Kazım, immigrated to Adana by taking advantage of some of the rights of the Treaty of Lausanne signed in 1924. Alparslan, who decided to become an officer under the influence of his secondary school teachers in 1932, persuaded his family to emigrate to Turkey.From there they pass to Istanbul. Alparslan Türkeş has only one goal: Kuleli Military High School.


While Alparslan Türkeş came to Turkey with his family to study at a military high school on the Vienna ship, the island of Cyprus was under British rule and Greek pressure. Alparslan Türkeş, while looking at Cyprus from the Vienna ship with a great consciousness at that age, was muttering:
“We will surely save Cyprus one day.”


Alparslan Türkeş’s enrollment in Kuleli Military High School was under very difficult conditions. The fact that Turkish Cypriots hold British passports and are not considered citizens of the Republic of Turkey prevented young Cypriots from entering military schools. Alparslan Türkeş’s application to enter the military school was not accepted on the grounds that he was not a Turkish citizen. Later, with the participation of CHP İzmit deputy Sırrı Bey and Marshal Fevzi Çakmak, the pre-registration of the young Cypriots in Kuleli is made.


In 1934, the surname law was enacted, and Alparslan Türkeş and his family in the T.R. citizenship applications were also accepted. They also had to take surnames. His father said he wanted to go to the civil registry office and take the surname “Koyunoğlu”, but it was not accepted. Because in those years, it was recommended to take Öztürk names as surnames rather than family nicknames. Alparslan Türkeş and his father mixed up the history books and made a list of historical Turkish names. They wanted to take the name Altay as their surname, but it was stated to them that many people took this surname. The registry officer chose this name, stating that the name “Türkeş”, which is in the second row of the Öztürk name list prepared by the Türkeş family, would be more appropriate as a surname. Alparslan Türkeş’s older brothers, Mehmet Ragıp and Ahmet Kazım, who were in Adana, took the surname “Türkiş” in 1934.


Our understanding of morality is composed of Turkish Ethics and Muslim belief.Success in people’s life depends on continuity.

For success, it is necessary to work with a regular plan. We will work until we take our last breath.

An idea, an ideology, is opposed by an idea superior to itself. Opposition cannot be crushed by brute force

We are committed to a prosperous, strong and great Turkey to our beloved nation; We dedicate ourselves to the nation. And we are putting our heads on the path of Turkishness.

The goal of the Nine Lights system that we advocate is to make every member of the Turkish Nation a property owner.

Division will not accept, we will rebuild Great Turkey as a holy whole…

No cause can be successful without courage, courage and assertiveness.

The solution to our cases is possible by returning to ourselves, joining hands as an unshakable unity and working day and night.

The Nine Lights Doctrine carries with it a deep love of humanity and a desire to be committed with respect to human dignity.

Absolute obedience to orders is necessary. Unbuttoned, loose, undisciplined, metotsuz our cause will not work with anyone.

Love of ideas, faith, ideals … These are what make people strong.

A great war awaits our youth. A great war against corruption, laziness, immorality, ignorance, and lying.

You are all Turkish flags. Do not stain the flag, do not pollute it, do not drop it on the ground.

People; they endure poverty, hunger, thirst. But they NEVER allow or tolerate injustice, contempt or humiliation.

The most honorable family of the human world is the Turkish Nation. Nine Lights means Turkish ideal.

It is treason to take up Islam and deny Turkishness. The opposite is equally negligent and betrayal.

Do not belittle yourself. You are the great force. Never forget your duty. Force is unity. The future of our cause is together. Unity is being together.

In communist systems, people are in captivity because they cannot own property. Ownership is the only guarantee of freedom.

Societies that are deprived of the consciousness of the struggle between nations fall under the yoke of others.Such a society becomes enslaved and certain to perish.

We have to re-establish the Turkish Nation in order to realize our national development and to make every Turkish individual free. We will weave bonds based on mutual love and respect between our citizens, regardless of party, sect, race or region.

Our struggle is not a struggle for political gain at all costs, but a struggle for morality and virtue. The character of this struggle is to be constructive, not destructive. I invite the Turkish nation to this honorable struggle.

As the Turkish Nation, we must stand up against the traitors who target our territorial integrity, the indivisibility of our state and our nation.

For Turkish intellectuals, being the refuge of the West has been adopted as an ideal. Such a terrible disaster cannot be imagined for our nation.”

The invincible and vigorous life force of the Turkish State and the security and future of the Turkish Nation is the youth. it is an expression of the sense and will of defense and protection of their own natural rights and consciousness.You need to treat this disease. If you do not treat this disease, choose your own path. Do not stay for a second longer in the nationalist movement.
If you are going to be a court companion with me, first of all, you have to be a qualified Turk. This is the disease that destroyed the Turkish nation, destroyed Byzantium, and destroyed the Ottoman empire.

Turkish tradition is an inseparable part of the Turkish ideal.

Another condition of Turkish tradition is to know one’s place. My place is to know… What will you see yourself in the giant mirror. You will not look at everyone from above, nor will you see yourself from below, you will look from below.

Another condition of Turkish Customs is a high sense of duty. It is the duty to do it at any cost. Another requirement is to make every kind of sacrifice for the sake of society. It is the renunciation of personal interests and personal pleasures in the way of serving the nation. It is to give up. People sacrifice themselves for the nation. This is how the greatness of the Turkish Nation will rise. You will keep it alive, you will raise it. One of the most important requirements of Turkish Customs is to keep a secret. Keeping a secret…

May 3 (1944), the Day of the Turkists, is the result of a completely different thought.

Turkey’s rise cannot be achieved with an imported idea. No foreigner can think of Turkish interests as much as the Turkish Nation itself.

TURKISH is our body, Islam is our soul. A body without a soul becomes a corpse.

The most important characteristic of the Turk is his organizational structure.

Idealists are the bearers of an honorable flag that neither accepts being a servant nor using others as servants in the world of humanity.

A person without an ideal is a creature no different from mud.



The 9 Lights Doctrine is the main principles of idealism put forward by Alparslan Türkeş as the National Doctor’s Nine Lights. also forms the basis of the program of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). [1]


In order to protect the last independent Turkish state, we have to unite around a national view.Dokuz Işıkcılar is a doctrine that is based on the Turkish nation, history and culture and believes in it. This has nothing to do with national socialism. The rapid development of our Turkey is possible by leaping over the ages and bringing the Turkish nation into the atomic and space age. This depends, first of all, on creating a world-class staff of highly qualified scientists and technicians. In our belief, Turkey’s development cannot be achieved by imitating foreign doctrines and management systems that were created under the conditions of foreign countries. Neither capitalism and liberalism nor communism can be beneficial for Turkey. The system and view that will develop Turkey should only be a national view that conforms to the characteristics of the Turkish nation, considers the reality of the Muslim Turkish nation, and accepts modern science and technology as a guide. In short, the formula for this is the rational connection of the Turkish labor potential to the national production factors, the state taking all measures and providing conveniences by opening the production routes to the citizens, and playing its main role in increasing the national income.The name of our national view is the “Nine Lights Doctrine”. This view is based on nine main principles. These principles are respectively as follows:


Everything is devotion to the Turkish nation, love and loyalty and service to the Turkish state, which can be summed up in words for the Turkish nation, together with the Turkish nation and according to the Turkish nation. .


It is the ideal of making the Turkish nation the most advanced, civilized and powerful entity.


It is based on the principles that protect and develop the high existence of the Turkish nation in accordance with its spirit, customs and traditions. It is the principle of making the scientific leader in every kind of activity to be undertaken. It covers two separate sections as social and economic. It accepts property as an economic view, but indicates an opinion that opposes the abuse of property to the detriment of the nation.It accepts the establishment of social justice order, equal opportunity, social security and social assistance organization as a social view. It aims to become cooperative in order to save the peasant from the usurers and to provide the loan and other aid they need. In particular, it aims to bring prosperity first and foremost to the villagers living in the forest area.


It aims to provide all the freedoms written in the United Nations Constitution. It accepts the development of people as personalities as a useful way for the development of society.


People and civilizations always develop by wanting and searching for the better, the more beautiful, the more perfect. It is the consciousness of not being content with what one has and always wanting more and making an effort to achieve it. However, in these efforts and efforts, the aim is to rise and progress without breaking away from the history, national identity and roots of the Turkish nation. We accept being with the people towards the people in every work to be done, as an indispensable principle of progress and promotion.

The Turkish nation needs to industrialize quickly for its development.

These are the essentials of the Nine Lights view, in a nutshell.National-socialism and fascism are a degenerate aberration of capitalism and are reactionary dictatorships that do not believe in human rights and freedoms. Nine Lights, on the other hand, is based on human love and respect, and is a democratic view that seeks to realize individual and economic freedoms as a whole. Deified fascist statism, idolized nazist racism is unbelievable. Being a fascist at a certain period, a capitalist at a certain period, and a socialist at another period of his political career, as fossilized celebrities do, is not in the political morality of thought. Idealists are Nine Lightists who are in love with the Turks and in love with the Turkish homeland. Their aim is to draw and defend the national view that will enable the Great Turkish nation to live independently on this sacred homeland. NEWS

It’s been 15 years since Alparslan Türkeş passed away
Turkey April 4, 2012

The late Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Alparslan Türkeş, on the 15th anniversary of his death.Speaking at the ceremony, Bahceli said, “Although the bars, torture chambers, killing machines and meanness of the interim regime administrations were primarily designed to muzzle and liquidate the idealists, success could not be achieved, thank goodness.”

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli said, “Deceased Türkeş still fluctuates at the heights of our horizons and hearts like a banner; he continues to be our compass with his cherished relics and the ideas he inherited to us.”

Alparslan Türkeş was commemorated on the 15th anniversary of his death with a ceremony held at his grave in Beştepe.

Bahçeli, Tuğrul Türkeş, MHP Presidency Council, deputies, representatives of non-governmental organizations and citizens attended the ceremony.

While the Quran was being read before and after the ceremony, Bahçeli laid red and white flowers on Türkeş’s grave and prayed. Bahçeli also sprinkled the soil brought from the Köşkerli village of Kayseri’s Pınarbaşı district, the birthplace of Türkeş.

Making a speech afterwards, Bahçeli said, “We sent him off to eternity on a snowy day, accompanied by tears and supplications.But it still floats like a banner on the heights of our horizons and hearts; He continues to be our compass with his cherished relics and the ideas he inherited to us.”


“I don’t have any receivables from the state, I give my rights< br/> April 29, 2012

MHP Deputy Chairman Tuğrul Türkeş announced that they did not apply for intervention in the September 12 trial at his father’s request.

MHP Deputy Chairman Tuğrul, son of Alparslan Türkeş Türkeş spoke at the Ankara Provincial Congress of his party.

Referring to the September 12 investigation, Türkeş said that his family also suffered during the 12 September period, and that his deceased father, Alparslan Türkeş, was on death row and served 4 years and 9 months in prison.

Reminding Alparslan Türkeş’s first statement after his release, Türkeş said that for this reason, as a family, they did not apply to be involved in the 12 lawsuit.

Türkeş, quoting his father’s statement, said:It is part of my service to the nation. Personally, I’m right. “I don’t have a request,” he said. That’s why we personally did not get involved as the Türkeş family. But we, as MHP, wanted to be held to account by Kenan Evren, who said to me, ‘Don’t tell me that only one man is hanging from the left, find 2-3 right-wing, nationalist and shake them as well”


Alparslan Türkeş commemorated at his grave
Hürriyet April 4, 2014

Alparslan Türkeş, the founder of the MİLLİYETÇİ Movement Party, was taken at his grave on the 17th anniversary of his death.< br/>
After the commemoration ceremony in Anıtmezar, the Chairman of the MHP made a speech.

Bahçeli said of Alparslan Türkeş, “In his 80-year life, which started in Nicosia and ended in Ankara, he never gave up on difficulties. He was not afraid of any threat, regardless of his grade, level and size. He did not compromise on the truths he believed in and his pure goals.” .

MHP Deputy Chairman Tuğrul Türkeş also attended the ceremony.


Fireside Chat : Başbuğ Alparslan Türkeş in Turkish Political Life

This Week’s 18th Anniversary of His Deathİbrahim DOĞAN (Former President of Ülkü Ocakları)

Date: April 4, 2015 – Saturday
Time: 14.00
Place: Turkish Hearths Headquarters Galip Erdem Hall / Balgat


TRNC will repair Türkeş’s house
Yeniçağ August 15, 2016

The late leader of the MHP Alparslan Türkeş The house where ‘ was born in the TRNC has been waiting to be repaired for years. It has been announced that the house will be repaired by the TRNC.

The house where the late leader of the MHP Alparslan Türkeş was born in the TRNC and has the status of a museum has been in ruins for years.

The TRNC authorities took possession of Türkeş’s house. TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu, who was in Ordu for the culture and promotion event, said, “Our restoration project for the house where the deceased Türkeş was born is ready. When I conveyed the issue to the Deputy Prime Minister (Tuğrul Türkeş), he told us to wait a little longer. That’s how he said it. Whenever Tuğrul Türkeş deems it appropriate, we will do it immediately. Our restoration project is ready.” br/>


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