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Bread Herb Saltine Cookies (Non-Stale)

Ingredients for My Black Cumin Salted Cookies (Non Stale) “>1 glass of oil

1 tea glass of powdered sugar1 egg white (we rub the yolk on it)1 packet of baking powder1 teaspoon of salt1 tablespoon of black cuminFlour as much as it takes

How to Make My Salted Cookie with Black Seed (Not Stale) Recipe?

  1. We mix all the ingredients. li>
  2. By adding the flour little by little, we get a soft dough that does not stick to the hand.
  3. We break off small pieces, roll them out, apply egg yolk on them and put them in the oven at 180 degrees preheated.
  4. Let’s cook until golden brown.
  5. Everyone’s oven is different. It cooks properly, I keep it for 15 minutes. One measure makes about 60. Enjoy everyone :)

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