Canned Roasted Eggplant for Winter

Canned Roasted Eggplant for Winter

Ingredients for the Winter Roasted Eggplant Canned Recipe

  • 5 kilos of pickled eggplant
  • 5 half kilos jar
  •  Salt
  •  Olive Oil

How to Make Winter Roasted Eggplant Canned Recipe

  1. We wash our pickled eggplants. We pierce it in a few places and roast it in the oven or in the közmatik. Thanks to them, I had them roasted in the stone oven of our neighborhood. If you have the opportunity, this would be better.
  2. We peel and chop the roasted eggplants. We add some salt and mix it.
  3. We wash our jars and lids of jars that we will use for the first time in the dishwasher.
  4. On the other hand, we boil a little less than half a pot of water on the stove.
  5. We fill our aubergines, which we prepared for our dry jars, until 1 and a half fingers remain from the end of the jar, and we drizzle olive oil on the remaining part (sunflower oil can also be used). We close the lids tightly.
  6. Put the jars upside down into the boiling water in the pot. We wait for about 15 minutes.
  7. Then we take out our jars and put them upside down on our counter. We keep it like this for 1 night. Bon appetit.
  • You should try the roasted eggplant salad with labneh, which will add flavor to your day’s menus, at home.
  • It has a different flavor with tomato and onion inside. If you haven’t tried the roasted eggplant salad before, you shouldn’t waste any more time.
  • You will love the meatballs with roasted eggplant and cheddar in the casserole that will add a difference to your main dishes.
  • You should include the roasted eggplant pasta salad among your salad recipes.


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