Celery Soup +8 Months

Celery Soup +8 Months

Ingredients for Baby Tomato Paste Recipe

  • 10 large capia peppers (Red pepper)

Baby Tomato Paste How to Make the Recipe?

  1. Let’s wash the peppers thoroughly with hot water.
  2. Let’s cut them in half and clean the seeds inside.
  3. Let’s add enough water to cover it and boil it until it becomes soft.
  4. After it softens, let’s take it off the stove, drain the water and let the peppers cool.
  5. Let’s peel the skin when it comes to a temperature that will not burn the hand (The skin remains in a thin structure like a membrane. )
  6. Let’s put the peeled peppers through a blender and fill them into the ice doors (1 tablespoon per cube – not heaped)


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