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He was born in 1945 in Bozkır, Konya. In 1949, he settled in the Söke district of Aydın with his family. He graduated from Söke Kemalpaşa Primary School. After passing the Penniless Boarding exams, he enrolled in Aydın High School and after finishing secondary school there, he was transferred to Denizli High School in the 1st grade of High School. He graduated from Denizli High School in 1966. In 1967, he worked as a notary clerk in Aydın/Çine and as chief notary clerk in Söke. In the same period, he served as the 2nd President of the Turkists Association and the 2nd Head of the T. Association of Struggle against Communism in Söke. He was among the founders of the Söke organization of the CKMP. He published a newspaper called “Özu Sözü Gerçek” in Söke for 2 years.

In 1967, he entered Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy. After studying in this department for three years, he took a break and moved to the History department in 1971. He graduated from this department in 1975.

He worked as the editor-in-chief of the journal “National Movement”, which was published in Istanbul in 1968-69. During these years, he was among the founders of the Faculty of Letters, Ülkü Ocağı.He also served as the founding vice president of the Istanbul Idealist Hearths Association during this period. He was brought to the presidency after Osman Bahadır. He founded Kutluğ Publishing in 1971. He worked as a manager-editor at Kutluğ Publishing until the end of 1977. Few of his articles were published in the journals of the State, National Movement and Türk Yurdu.

Between 1975-76, he served as the secretary of the MHP Istanbul Provincial Administration, of which Recep Hasatlı was the chairman.

She got married in February 1979. He has 4 children. He did his military service as Infantry Ensign in 1979-80 under the Presidency of General Staff ATASE. He worked as a manager for many years at Ötüken Publications, which he started in March 1978.


1. My Experiences, Drop by Drop
2. Revolution, Passion and Ideal -About Generation 68-


1. He translated Rıza Nur’s 12-volume “Turkish History” into new letters.

2. He simplified the volumes of “Hammer History” translated by Mehmet Ata and prepared them for publication.

3.Mahmut Muhtar Pasha’s book titled “Maziye Bir Evil Eye” was published with appendices and notes.

Time September 16, 2008

According to some it is a legend, according to others it is an exaggerated and inflated concept, but Turkey’s A movement that left its mark on a period in the 68th generation.This time, a name from the right wrote the story of the 68 generation. The Editor-in-Chief of Ötüken Publications, Erol Kılınç, wants the facts that were hidden under the pretext of not harming socialism that day, to be made public today. We talked with Kılınç about the 68th generation, based on his work titled “About the Revolutionary Ambition and the Ideal-68 Generation.” Now, why did you feel the need to talk about the 68 generation as a name from the opposite side, namely the idealist tradition?

Actually, mine is a belated exit; Much earlier, at least when Hasan Cemal’s book came out, something like this should have been written and drawn. There was no sound from both the nationalists and the 68’s. This silence carried the dose of praise to the dimensions of legend. If the 68’s movement had succeeded, it would have been a disaster for Turkey. Isn’t it a requirement of the intellectual responsibility that those who have been used, deceived and wasted in the way of dragging Turkey into a disaster, whether with good intentions or bad intentions, reveal these truths at least today?

The 68′ in the world You keep our people separate from the movement and their demands.What freedom are you talking about? Those who defended socialism could not even tolerate the “Turkish socialist” Mehmet Ali Aybar! The communist Dubcek, who wanted a little freedom and democracy, did not even bother to be crushed by Russian tanks!

You say that there is no self-criticism among this generation, except for Hasan Cemal and Sarp Kuray. Do you think what these names have written reveals the truth or explains how much?

I think that Hasan Cemal could only write one-tenth of what he knew and witnessed, and acted in this way hoping that others would follow. But since 1999, only this year, Sarp Kuray has made some noise. I consider these as expressions of the sincerity and responsibility of these people. I also accuse the Susans of irresponsibility and insensitivity.

You claim that ‘a significant portion of the 68 generation leaders in Turkey were trained just to cause an uproar, to create chaos and terror’. Are these people not aware of what is being done through them?

I am not claiming this.I am not telling you that those who went to the Palestinian camps, went to the camps in groups, got training, sold tafras in Ankara, and took action. They write about how those who act with the greed for power direct the young officers and young people.

So you criticize them so much, but they were legendary both in their time and by the next generations. What is the factor that brings them to this position?

They hold a corner in the press and smack each other. It is the desire to “justify” their failures by means of propaganda, with the help of the positions of their friends in the media. It is difficult to admit that they were wrong, misled, used. They got into the subject of what happened to Menderes, the victim of May 27, and carried the business to the dimensions of legend with propaganda such as tying the job to Deniz Gezmiş. Do these people have no good deeds?

Tell them their good deeds, or let them say it!

In addition to the word revolution, we commemorate Atatürk’s revolutions and foreign ideas based on Atatürk Giving is one of the essentials of this generation, according to you.Doğan Avcıoğlu particularly wants “the use of language suitable for soldiers”. Their nationality is also based on it. Otherwise, they could not be national at all.

The leftists of yesterday are mostly among the nationalists of today. Can we say that the 68 generation also formed the infrastructure of today’s nationalism?

Among those who defend today’s nationalism, there are, of course, those of the 68ers of that day. But I don’t know what they consider themselves.

You say that this generation went underground after March 12 and it was these people who took the next action. From this point of view, what is the connection and place of this generation in today’s Ergenekon and the deep structures of the past?

These people planned a coup to take place on March 9th. On March 12, this coup was suppressed and aborted with the least casualties. Some of the militants were arrested and sentenced. When they went out with amnesty in 1974, they could no longer find as strong military support behind them as before, because everyone’s eyes were widened. There was no way to win over the masses in the name of revolution.This went on until September 12. However, trying to establish a connection between Ergenekon and this issue would be a compulsion.

You say, ‘Often, I find greatness and I commemorate them with respect.’

I didn’t say “fine”; I said “hasbî”. I do not believe that Sarp Kuray and Mahir Çayan are revolutionaries for personal ambition and benefit. They have made all the “wrongs” they have done for the country and the nation. Some of them valiantly gave their lives. But those who pumped their ideology as a recipe for salvation, according to the falseness of this ideology, hid it from the youth! Although they saw that the Soviets were exploiting Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Crimea and the Caucasus; Although it was obvious that they had crushed the Hungarians with the 1956 operation and turned the Prague spring into hell with tanks, they kept these facts hidden from the youth. In those days, they concealed it so that “socialism would not wear out”; Today, they still avoid admitting their blindness!

What do you expect from those who have a conscience and intellectual morality?

My brother, stop writing epics and speak these truths. now, your age has come to 60-65; time has shrunk to go to the afterlife; at least leave a truth behind and be an occasion to remember you with mercy, right? Because the truth was hidden that day, many young people were lost in the generations after 1974.He should read them as a youth adventure, if he wants exemplary works and experiences, and if he wants, he should read it as a diary in which an ordinary idealist’s life from his first youth to his old age, in terms of his personal or cause, and aspects that can be material for social research are recorded…

Let it be known that the desire to leave accurate notes in history, even if it is small things, was our foremost emotion while writing them. I believe that the life adventures of our generation were more or less like this… Therefore, I think that in What I Experienced Drip Drip, the reader will face his own conscience and find the reflections of various aspects of his life…

< br/> Revolution, Ambition and Ideal About the 68 Generation-
Erol Kılınç
Istanbul – 2008
ISBN 978-975-437-696 -8
12×19.5 cm – 264 pages

Those who praise the 68 Generation by highlighting the friendship, comradeship, assertiveness, self-sacrifice, and the difficulties endured shoulder to shoulder among the activists at that time are busy with deflecting their emotions. .

If these weren’t visible that day, they were evident today! But no one has an “intellectual responsibility” other than one or two weak voices that show the maturity to admit it.

In 1968, there were also the Ülkists! Those who do not comply with them, oppose them, who want to give the “last Turkish state” of that day to the red imperialism -despite the powerlessness- did not give an opportunity; The idealists who disrupted the game of the revolutionaries and prevented the revolutionaries from dominating the university and the street!…

They too are ignored… But they existed; they were on the right track; they were right; And they succeeded…

This book is an inconsistent contribution to the atmosphere created around the term Generation 68.
Erol Kilinc


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