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Home Tarhana Recipe

Ingredients for Home Tarhana Recipe

  • 1 kg tomatoes
  • 1 kg red pepper
  • 1 kg onion
  • Half kg chickpeas (half kg uncooked. We will use it by boiling.)
  • 1 kg of yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons of salt
  • half a bunch of parsley
  • 1 bunch of mint< /li>
  • 5 kg flour (approximately)

Home Tarhana Recipe Preparation

  1. Tomato, onion Wash the peppers, parsley and fresh mint and chop them finely.
  2. Add 1 liter of water to it and cook it until it becomes soft and mashed.
  3. Then add the boiled chickpeas and mash with a blender. Strain through a strainer.
  4. Place the mixture in a yoghurt bowl, add yoghurt and salt and mix.
  5. Make a solid dough with sifted flour, put it in a glass or steel bowl, cover and leave for 6-7 days. Let it sit (we guys keep it for 3-4 days, the longer you wait, the more sour taste it will taste).
  6. Mix the dough every day in the morning, noon and evening.
  7. You can add flour if it is too watery.
  8. When the time is up, pour it into small pieces on a cover.
  • You can pressure-boil your vegetables for quicker and easier boiling.
  • It would be better to dry your tarhana in the shade. The color will be lighter when you dry it in the sun.
  • The chickpeas we use in the recipe allow the dough to ferment. Therefore, you will not need to use yeast again in this recipe.
  • The drying time of your tar will vary depending on the temperature in your area. If you live in a humid place, it will be very difficult for you to dry tarhana.
  • You should take a look at our Tarhana Soup Recipe to learn how to make Tarhana Soup, which you make at home.

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