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Ingredients for Chicken, Meat, Bone Broth Recipe for Babies

  • 5 chicken thighs
  • 1 bay leaves
  • Actually, you can also use meat boiling water, if not, 200 grams of meat
  • 3-4 marrow bones (better if the animal has knee area.)

How to Make Chicken, Meat, Bone Broth Recipe for Babies ?

  1. For chicken broth; Let’s wash the thighs well and dry them. If you don’t use pressure cooker, let’s boil it together with bay leaves for 1 and a half and 2 hours. If I usually boil meat, I separate it from it because the room boils for about an hour.
  2. If you buy meat from the butcher, you don’t need to buy a lot. Boiled meats are sold.
  3. Let’s wash the meat well until clean water comes out. It is enough to boil 1 to 2 times.
  4. Bone broth with marrow; After washing the bones, let’s put them in a saucepan or pressure cooker.
  5. The more we boil your bones, the better, let’s boil them for a minimum of 3-4 hours. I put them in the morning and boil them until the marrow comes out in the pot until the evening.
  6. While gassing the bones We can add hot water, we can add it to the end of the water.
  7. Let’s boil it on low heat.
  8. I put it in cardboard glasses after the heat comes out and put it in the freezer like that. Because it comes in portions.
  9. After boiling warm, I keep it in the refrigerator overnight, portion it like that and put it in the fridge. Because oil is coming out of the upper layer. And let’s make sure to filter it and enjoy it in advance. And be healed .

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