Leg Marrow Soup with Bone Juice (Supplementary Food)

Leg Marrow Soup with Bone Juice (Supplementary Food)

Ingredients for Bone Marrow Soup (Supplementary Food) Recipe

  • 1.5 tea glass of bone marrow bone broth (I used vegabones brand, I used vegabones in ebebek) sold.)
  • 3 small carrots
  • 1 branch of leek
  • 1 coffee cup bone juice
  • 3 shallots
  • 5 baby potatoes

Bone Broth Soup with Marrow ( How to Make (Additional Food) Recipe?

  1. Let’s wash the vegetables of our ingredients.
  2. Then let’s cook them in the steam cooking apparatus.
  3. Let’s prepare the blender.
  4. Let’s put our steamed vegetables in the blender.
  5. Let’s add our bone broth (a coffee cup) on it and make it ready.
  6. Let’s thin it until it’s like sand in the blender.< /li>
  7. Then pour 1 tea glass of bone marrow into the appropriate pot. Let’s say a word and transfer all the soup to that pot.
  8. After mixing for a few turns, let’s turn off the bottom. Our bone marrow soup is ready. (Those who want to add olive oil can add, I didn’t.) Bon appetit to the babies. .


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