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Multi-Purpose Sauce

Ingredients for Multi-Purpose Sauce Recipe

  • 5 kg pointed tomatoes
  • 1 kg canned tomatoes< /li>
  • 1 kg red capia pepper
  • 1 kg green green pepper
  • Half head approx. 5 teeth as much garlic
  • Half a tea glass of grape vinegar
  • One ‚Äč‚Äčtablespoon of pomegranate syrup
  • 1 tea spoon of curry spice
  • 1 tea glass of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of coarse rock salt
  • With 1 sprig of celery leaves
  • I added black pepper with the tip of a very small teaspoon

Making Multi-Purpose Sauce Recipe

  1. First, put my pre-washed jars in a clean, empty and detergent-free dishwasher and wash them at the highest temperature. We start the process.
  2. We do this immediately when starting to boil the tomatoes, which is essential to take the jars out of the machine and fill them hot so you don’t throw them away.
  3. Or we boil the jars in boiling water in a pot for a minute or two. .
    I scratched the top of the tomatoes with a knife as if they were making a crosshair, and looked in a large pot in a controlled manner and boiled them so that the skins would come off easily when I held them.
  4. We boil all the tomatoes in this way and peel them, then take them out of the robot and put them in the pot.
  5. After cleaning and washing the seeds of the peppers, I took them out of the robot and added them to my tomatoes, which started to boil.
  6. I made the green peppers in the same way and roasted half a kilo in a pan with a little olive oil before cooking them.
  7. I put pomegranate syrup, half a tea glass of vinegar, salt, finely chopped garlic, a sprig of celery, curry and black pepper in my sauce, which is cooked for half an hour. I add a tea glass of olive oil and boil it for another half hour. When it thickens a little and comes to the consistency of sauce, we fill my hot jars that come out of the machine and put them upside down on a clean cloth.
  8. After filling all the jars, a clean towel or cloth is on them.
  9. We close it so that the vacuuming process is guaranteed. After it stays like this until the morning, you can take it to the cellar and use it as a breakfast sauce for your fries, pasta and even your menemen, whenever you want. I recommend you try it. Have fun right now.

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