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Potato Meal for Babies

Ingredients for Baby Potato Dish Recipe

  • 1 potato
  • Quarter onion
  • Half a green pepper
  • 1 teaspoon baby paste (Paste recipe)
  • Olive oil< li itemprop="ingredients">Mint
  • Salt (after +12 months)
  • Water

How to Make Potato Meal Recipe for Babies?

  1. Chop the onion, pepper and potato into small pieces.
  2. First, we fry the onions in oil. Then we add the pepper and fry it.
  3. We add the tomato paste and fry the potatoes a little, then add the mint and salt on it.
  4. We add water on it (It can also be made with minced meat, I added it in a little oil)
  5. I feed it without mashing, if your baby cannot swallow large pieces yet, you can give it by crushing.
  6. The cooking time may depend on the potato.

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