Selcuk Ozyurt

novelist, writer

He was born on 25 June 1973 in Borcka district of Artvin. After his father, who was a bank clerk, passed away in 1981, his family settled in their hometown, Yeşilce village of Araklı district of Trabzon.

He graduated from Arakli High School. After completing his military service, he settled in Istanbul. He has been working as a manager and manager in private companies since 1996. He is married and has two children. Selcuk Özyurt, who entered the world of literature with his novels and stories, is a writer who stands out with his power of observation.

When There’s No Place to Escape
When the Rooms Get Small
There Was No Return to Separation
Forget the World And Come And Come
You Closed The Last Curtain
I’m You And The Bus Station
I’m Alone After You
Gahura Gold
If Istanbul Didn’t Happen
8th Street
If I Go Back There
My Father’s Children


Forget the World, Come Come With Me
Biography Net Publishing
Selçuk Özyurt
ISBN: 9789758204250

Print Date October 2020
Print Size 13.50 x 19.50 cm
Number of Edition 2.Dough
Number of Pages 128
Published Language Turkish

Author Selçuk Özyurt’s book, Never Mind the World, Sen De Gelsene, is a lovely work in which the power of observation is sometimes embellished with ironic elements…
The shopkeepers, workers, watchmen, foreign workers, fundraisers, working in the inns of today’s Eminönü, Laleli, Kumkapı and Beyazıt, which do not even enter our literature as decorations, are the characters of Selçuk Özyurt…

Selçuk Özyurt, trying to catch what he’s saying and acting as the spokesperson for the broad masses who have no spokesperson…


If I Go Back There
Biography Net Publishing
Selçuk Özyurt
ISBN: 9789758204243

Print Date September 2020
Print Size 13.50 x 19.50 cm
Number of Editions 1st Edition
Paper Type 2nd Pulp
Number of Pages 148
Publication Language Turkish

The protagonists of the novels are generally adventurous people…
hero Murat, unlike other heroes z is a character…
Such a straight character suffers important events.

Murat, who does not tolerate his marriage with Aslı, is separated from his family and loses his wife 20 years later.Print
Paper Type 2. Pulp
Number of Pages 160
Publication Language Turkish

Author Selçuk Özyurt tells an extraordinary present tense story in his novel Babanın Çocukları…

The son of fabric merchant Hüsamettin Bey, Güven confronts his father’s secrets after his death.

He learns that his father has two other wives besides his mother.

His father’s wives and children Learning turns Guven’s life upside down. Even the fact that Güven is reunited with his ex-wife Leyla cannot prevent his depression. He is admitted to Bakırköy Mental Hospital. Doctors confiscate Güven’s cell phone.

“I wish the doctors could confiscate my brain just like they confiscated my phone.

They would cut my head in two.

If they would give me my brain and my father’s brain to him.”


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