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Siyez Flour Yogurt Soup for Babies +7

Ingredients for Baby Einkorn Flour Yogurt Soup +7 Recipe

  • Half a tea glass of broken rice
  • 3 glasses of water
  • 1.5 tea glasses of homemade yogurt
  • 2 teaspoons of einkorn flour
  • 1 cube of marrow bone broth
  • Mint
  • Butter or olive oil

Einkorn Flour Yogurt for Babies Soup +7 Recipe Preparation

  1. Wash the rice well and boil it in two glasses of water until soft.
  2. Mix the flour and yogurt in a bowl until smooth.
  3. When the softened rice cools down a bit, add another glass of water on it and add a little of this water to the yogurt mixture and warm it up.
  4. Take the pot to the stove and slowly add the yogurt mixture to the water and mix at the same time.
  5. Cook until boiling. In a separate pan, melt the butter and throw in a pinch of mint.
  6. Add to the boiling soup and stir. Add the last marrow bone cube and melt it.
  7. If you are going to drink it yourself, just add salt to your plate according to your taste :).

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