Winter Home Tarhana Recipe

Winter Home Tarhana Recipe

Ingredients for Winter Home Tarhana Recipe

  • 5 kilos of yogurt
  • 1 bowl of dried chickpeas li>
  • 1 bowl of assure wheat
  • 1 tea glass of salt
  • 1 tea glass of granulated sugar
  • 1 bowl of last year’s powdered tarhana
  • 10 kilos of flour
  • 2 kilos of tomatoes< li itemprop="ingredients">2 kilos of red peppers
  • 1 kilo of green peppers
  • 2 kilos of dried onions
  • 5-6 heads of garlic
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • Parsley

Winter Home Tarhana Recipe Preparation

  1. Let’s wash all the vegetables, in the meantime, let’s put the chickpeas and wheat in the water.
  2. It’s enough until you can pull the vegetables out of the robot, because tarhana contains They get wet and cook in the china, let’s start pulling the vegetables from the robot, let’s leave the vegetables that we have pulled into a huge kneading bowl.
  3. Let’s add salt and sugar on it. Let’s pour our yogurt and mix it and use last year’s tarhana as yeast and leave a bowl. Those who don’t can leave a packet of dry yeast.
  4. Let’s leave the chickpeas and wheat too. Actually, I used to only use chickpeas, and on the advice of a friend, I added wheat this year, let’s leave this mixture for at least half a day.
  5. Then let’s add the flour gradually. At first, you cannot burn all ten kilos of flour, add some of it the next day when it is watered with tarhana. Yes, when we add the flour, this tarhana dough needs to wait for at least three days and leaven thoroughly.
  6. In the meantime, let’s mix it often. Let it not overflow when it swells, and when it starts to smell like tarhana slowly, let’s lay our table cloth in the sun on the floor or on the table, on a thick burnt so that it absorbs its water so that it dries quickly.
  7. Let’s leave one tablespoon of tarhana dough with a spoon on this table cloth. Let’s turn it upside down when it’s dry.
  8. Then let’s shrink our tarahana with our hands and dry it, rub the dried tarhana into flour by rubbing it in a sieve. I didn’t do it in the filter, I took it from the robot, it was both easy and practical. Then let’s lay this powder tarhana on wide trays and dry it thoroughly and store it in cool places, if possible, in cloth bags for winter use.


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