Winter Melmen in the Freezer

Winter Melmen in the Freezer

Ingredients for the Deep-Freezing Melemen Recipe

  • 4 kilos of village tomatoes
  • 1 kilo of village charliston pepper
  • Oil

How to Make Winter Melmen Recipe in the Freezer

  1. First of all Chop the tomatoes into a separate bowl. (I didn’t peel the skins, you can peel them if you wish)
  2. Then we chop the peppers in the sizes you want and fry them with oil until they are dead.
  3. Add the tomatoes and after it starts to boil, on low low for 15-20 minutes We cook it on fire.
  4. When our melamine gets cold, we divide it into freezer bags and tie it in the mouth.
  5. I put 2 ladles each, the size is up to you. We place the bags in the freezer and eat them in winter.


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