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Winter Soup with Bone Marrow with Leg Marrow (Supplementary Food)

Ingredients for Winter Soup with Bone Marrow (Compound Food) Recipe

  • 2 sprigs of green onions
  • 1 capia pepper
  • 1 sprig of leek
  • 1.5 tea glass of bone broth with marrow (vegabones)< li itemprop="ingredients">Half a tea glass of red lentils

How to Make Winter Soup with Bone Marrow (Supplemental Food) Recipe?

  1. < li>Let’s wash our vegetables carefully.
  2. Then let’s chop them and place them in the steamer and turn off the heat after 15 minutes.
  3. Let’s boil our lentils in a tea glass of water.
  4. Cape pepper After it is cooked, put it in cold water and peel the skin quickly and add it to the blender. !
  5. Let’s add the steamed vegetables to the blender bowl.
  6. After filtering our lentils from the water and adding them, let’s add the bone marrow and blend for 2 minutes, then pour the mixture into the appropriate food stamp.
  7. Let’s drizzle the olive oil.
  8. Our winter soup with bone marrow is ready. Bon appetit to the babies. .

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